A car accident can have many devastating consequences on your life, from financial costs associated with the wreck to personal injury, which can range from mild to severe, depending on the accident.

When you get hurt, there are many different treatment options that are typically available to you, from medication and physical therapy to counseling and potentially even surgery.

Life is difficult enough without having to live in pain for most of it. Unfortunately, constant chronic pain is the reality for many individuals and proper treatment might just be hard to come by.

Car accidents are painful in just about every way—emotionally, physically, mentally. You’re exhausted, sore, stressed out and not sure how you’re going to get your life back in order.

A concussion is one of the most serious injuries that a person can suffer, resulting in short term effects like headaches, memory loss and trouble sleeping.

The Comprehensive Muscular Activity Profiler (CMAPPro™) is now available at the Queen Creek location in the Phoenix area.

There’s no question that living with chronic pain or feeling extreme pain while healing from an injury is incredibly challenging. There are times when pain is so severe it can feel completely unbearable.

It’s common for a patient suffering from a musculoskeletal condition to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon by his or her primary care physician. The good news is, being sent to an orthopedic surgeon does not necessarily mean you’ll be getting surgery.

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